Blue Camo Netting 3m x 3m

Blue Camo Netting is a fun alternative to more traditional colour schemes. A single tone camo net which is deep blue on both sides, Blue Camo Netting is the ideal decorative netting. Made with the same high quality standards as all Camonetz™ Fire Retardant Series, this material has been treated to resist water, mould and rot making it ideal for any outdoor/indoor application. Range of pre-cut sizes or choose your own bespoke size. All Blue camouflage Netting is Fire Retardant. This means they meet British fire safety regulations, making them safe for indoor use. Please read our FAQs on fire retardant netting.


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Blue Camo Netting

  • Blue Camo Net is UV Treated
  • Non-toxic and friendly to our fragile environment
  • Lightweight, strong and durable
  • Rot and mould treated
  • Quiet and Rustle free
  • Textured fabrics look more natural
  • Special coatings to reduce shine and glare
  • Remains pliable in extreme temperature ranges

These Blue Camo Nets are in stock ready to ship. They are Fire Retardant so can be used anywhere.
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