Military Camo Net 15m x 6m

Army Camo Netting Approx Size 50ft x 20ft

Military Jungle Camo Net measures approx. 49ft x 19ft-6ins Camo Netting can provide you with additional concealment. The enhanced strength of this strategic mesh can be attributed to its tough construction combined with alloy rings coated with plastic. Military Jungle Camouflage Netting is in classic green and brown style. A range of sizes is available, and all these can be cut and joined with cable ties to create custom sizes.


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Military Camo Net

Size: Approx. 50ft x 20ft, New Condition

  • UV Treated, Rot / Mould Resistant
  • Strong and Durable
  • For Indoor Or Outdoor Use
  • Weight 13.4kg
  • Very Easy To Join With Cable Ties As Pictured For Custom Sizes
  • This Military Net Has A 89% Leaf Coverage

Army Camo Netting, Jungle Camo Net

This army camo net is strong and durable so can withstand any outdoor adventure.