Used Camo Netting

Ex Army Camouflage Netting


Used Camouflage Netting

Camonets’ British Army Surplus Camo Nets are genuine used ex-army camo nets. These have been cut into a range of useful sizes for different needs. These Woodland Surplus Camo Nets are in either Good or Fair Condition. For the full description, please see the individual nets.
Surplus Army Camo Netting is a good lower priced alternative to our other nets. This is because it is not new and has already been used.
Military Surplus Camo Netting is not always available and is dependant on supply. We are the UK’s leading retail supplier of surplus Army Camouflage Netting.

Used Desert Camouflage Netting


Military Surplus Camo Netting

Used Desert Camouflage Netting from the UK Military is available in a range of pre-cut sizes. Condition of our Army Surplus Camo Netting is Good and although it is Used Camouflage Netting it is still practical as a lower price option for many uses. Please select size options below from our available stocks of Used Desert Camo Net. Used Desert Camo Netting is not always available and is dependent on supply levels at the time.