FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the camo net last?
This is impossible to answer as a general rule for all nets as it is entirely dependent on the use the net is put to. As a back drop indoors in a Theatre or Film Studio for example, it would be many years. Outdoors in an extreme climate, it would be considerably less. Camouflage netting is not meant to act like a sail. If it is being used as a sun shade and is left out in a tropical storm it will not survive. As with so many products, common sense is the guide.
Will the colour of Camouflage Netting last in the sun?
All of our Camo Netting is UV treated, However, the life of the colour will depend on the strength of the sun. This obviously varies greatly the world over, so for that reason there can be no guarantee as to how long it will last. Used everyday in the UK it will last much longer than used everyday in the Sahara Desert.